"The world is a book and those who don't travel only read one page."

About Us

Author photo   Greetings from the Dead Sea

We are a husband and wife team with a passion for travel, photography, food, and extreme gratitude for the opportunity to explore new places.

Our love for travel started early on as we discovered the cities and majestic national parks of the U.S. on vacations with our families. After college we both ventured to an emerging Summit County, Colorado, on a quest to ski the perfect, dry powder of the Rocky Mountains. We met there after landing jobs at the local newspaper and after nine years and finally tiring of only 28 days of frost-free living, we moved to the east coast to settle down and start a family.

David became a publisher of a group of weekly newspapers and magazines in Hudson County, New Jersey, and Jean created the Kids’ Guide, New Jersey’s original print and online guide to family activities and events in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York, a family endeavor that allowed us to travel near and far with the kids in tow.

Today, the kids are grown and we are still newspaper and magazine publishers by day, but you can often find us dreaming about retirement and our next travel destination.

Despite extensive planning and research for our trips, there always seemed to be some things we overlooked, wished we had known in advance, or paid more attention to in our research that would have made our trip easier.

And so TravelerSoup was born.

We share here the best tips we learn from the road, interesting travel news and deals, our favorite sources for reliable travel info, and hope they add to the ease and enjoyment of your next adventure.

If you are a fellow traveler, enjoy writing, and are interested in submitting content for the sheer pleasure of sharing your experience, please feel free to contact us.

Savor the journey!

Jean and David Unger
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P.O. Box 892 • Murray Hill, NJ 07974

The business fine print

While we carefully select accommodations and destinations based on our research and interests, we work with tourism agencies around the world and, occasionally, receive invitations for press trips, media discounts or complimentary rates.

Consistent with the code of ethics of professional travel media associations, we do not provide positive stories in exchange for payment or courtesies. We retain complete control over editorial content.

Display advertising is obvious and paid content is clearly marked as “Sponsored Content.”

You can count on our features being an honest reporting of our experience at the time. However, since all things change—ownership, management, amenities, quality—for better and worse, we cannot guarantee your experience will be the same as ours. We hope our articles will stimulate ideas, offer useful information and tips, and provide a starting point for creating your own unique trip.

We are continuously looking for new travel info so destinations and their partners are invited to send media kits, press releases or other information to travel@travelersoup.com.

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